The studio has been specifically designed for private one on one training sessions. With a holistic approach incorporating training styles to provide a balanced workout for achieving optimum results.

Based around movement and body weight control, training involves moving the body through different planes of direction, combining the upper and lower body in motion to provide you with a total body workout. A strong focus on form and technique helps to strengthen and tone your entire body, whilst keeping you challenged and energised. Training is tailored to your fitness level and progressed through strength, movement and difficulty. This type of fusion training means you are never bored and challenges your viewpoint of exercise as a routine. Combined with a positive attitude and motivation in helping you to reduce body fat and increase core strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Louise has been working with this style of training for over four years and has found it to have positive results in the management of chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Pain. The style incorporates elements of Isometrics, Yoga and Pilates that help to improve movement, posture, flexibility, and strength. Louise’s own experience gives her strong passion for teaching you how to combine this into your everyday and gain the best results.


The warm, inviting environment promotes a flow of positive energy which will vitalise you through each session. The privacy of the studio is a long way from the noise and distractions of a crowded gym, enabling you to focus on accomplishing your most effective workout every session. This along with Louise’s limitless motivation and guidance will make you feel inspired at every training session. Each session will be energising yet grounding, giving you some precious time to yourself in amongst busy daily life.



Louise has a strong passion for healthy living and the results achieved through exercise. This contributes to her total commitment in helping you achieve your goals. With a passion for exercise to correct and strengthen body mechanics helping to improve mobility and reduce pain. Enabling you to continue to move through each day and do the things you love. As someone who has lived with the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue she is uniquely qualified and strongly motivated in the management of chronic conditions through exercise and movement. This gives her endless enthusiasm and motivation for teaching you how to keep your body moving correctly, feeling younger and improve your quality of life.

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
Certificate IV in Fitness
Nutrition for Fitness
Anatomy for Strength Training
Foam Rolling – Releasing Tension in Body and Mind
Sandbell Trainer